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Past E-Board Bios

Justin Jian


My name is Justin Jian and I majored in French, Mathematics, and Economics. What I love most about the French language is all the nuances that exist within the language and the plethora of idiomatic expressions that can be used in day-to-day life. As a romance language, French has a mellifluous rhythm intertwined with countless melodious tones that are both soothing and enrapturing to hear. I am passionate about the NYU French club because my appreciation for the French language and the community it can create will help promote the French language and culture within the university so that there is a greater community for French speakers of all levels to meet one another and develop camaraderie.

Ruben Kahloun

Hi! My name is Ruben Kahloun, and I grew up in Morocco. I majored in Mathematics & Economics. One of my favorite things about France is most definitely the networking aspect that arises from meeting people and connecting them! I hope to meet people with the same interest as me!


Hana Smith

I joined the French Club because I want to help create a safe and welcoming atmosphere in which students can practice their French and share their love of the French language without fear of being judged. My greatest hope for this club is to empower and motivate the sometimes more shy, more quiet students to use French, and for everyone in the club to inspire and help each other (probably through making a lot of mistakes together!) Through studying French, I found my voice, my confidence, and my passion. I hope we can do the same for you.

Caroline Doran

My name is Caroline Doran. I majored in Global Liberal Studies and Romance Languages (French and Spanish). I’ve been enamored with French culture since I was a young girl. I adore French language, cuisine, literature, art, music, and films.

Theodora Simons

Hey! I'm Theodora Simons from New York City and I am the Director of Outreach. I'm a junior doing a French major and CAMS minor. I joined the French club because I have been a fan of the French language and French culture since studying abroad in Paris my freshman year.

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